Well, Who’s Who


Couldn’t sleep
Within the following links
Softly glowing

As Kim is BOY
Al is in the forbidden hole trade, alias Anal the Souteneur, most likely called Dodo la sauce mûre
Johanna ain’t said no word
Butt her eyes shinning in the pool
Tell me more than I shall bore


So I ask myself, Holy ‘diot
What have I undone?

Skin deep in high depths
Strip to the bone
Head to head
Back to back

Sixty nine nights at least
Won’t light up frightened crabs
One O one days and no fights
As a proof of love at first sight¿

Maybe I’m wrong
You sure ain’t gone
Or shall I be right
Our future’s golden

If Golden fishes ain’t made for frying
Diamonds Herm & Aphrodite’s children ain’t made for fun either

I am looking forward to seeing you guys, smelling your softened sunburn skins, feeling your deep high souls, truly yours

2 réflexions sur « Well, Who’s Who »

  1. Aarrrghh…. j’en ai pour un moment,
    à essayer d’entrer là-d’dans !


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