one bad day

how come sometime things all go havoc?

lolitab(…) and then those incidents happen. From the first blink of these days, I knew I should have stay home. But that’s the way it goes, I do lost control, and I do things I don’t remember (…)


Officer: Young man, do you know why you’re here?

John: have no idea mister Officer

O: where were you on tuesday 1st at 10?

J: at school Officer, you know, I am 12

O: for sure, people saw you. Can you tell me about that Dolly? How do you know her?

J: not well, I just know she’s not comin’ back at school since the game

O: what game?

J: « Triple dog » or challenging dares

O: you played her? played with her?

J: oh that game? I’m not so young, not so silly to play that sort of games

O: but Dolly gave names, including yours

J: …

O: what difference do you make between the schoolyard and the social network?

J: hum… the network is more walk and talk, but sometime the game starts here, and you’re nailed down

O: oh I see, ok, now we need to talk with your Dad, and then, I will see you again together with the other guy, Leon Smith, you know him?

J:… not really, I know who you talk about, he’s not my friend

O: not your Internet friend or …

J: no nothin’, I don’t have nothing to do with him, he’s bad


And in the end, we learn the young girl is out of school, because of the game, because of the social network, because of men and mice. And then, I wonder if we avoid he took the UZI and made some cleaning at school. And now Smith is on the run, going wild. This world deserve him. Leon became the large scale Nettoyeur. Quaidesorf

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