Earthbound Starheaded

Piglet, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

am I light or am I hard,

soft headed pig

is It iced or is It warm

in the dead heat of Paris nights ?

hot long

bull pink

conceited headed are we?

scarification for starificationA woman holds a pigeon wearing a rosary during the Blessing of theAnimals celebration in Oaxaca, Mexico, August 31, 2008. La Merced Catholic church celebrates the day of Saint Ramon Nonato every Aug. 31st in which a priest blesses pets and farm animals with holy water to protect them from evil and illness.

pain for starlets

orgasm addicts for priest pigeons

noting but earthbound puppets

wishing for the better

betting on shinny stars

wooden headed

you pig know nothing

but look up to those, earthbound stars,

heading light in heaven lights

to skiesStars-Nebulae-l

© ϖοπ alias ΟΛΙωρ





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