58 tours de manège

Samedi j’ai pris 58 tours

c’est rare pour une âme vinyle


je vous salue Amies

Amis c’est mélodies la vie

This song is all ours


1st verse
Classiques, Jazz, Blues à tous étages
Rock and Rollers , Popies, Kepons
Dark ou new Waveux, post Punks
Disco Funky Soul Women &

2nd verse
Men of good fortune, Loosers
Houses keeper’s Indus Métalleux
Franco-Canadi-Belgiens ‘hun
Keep on fighting for your rights

Right to listen to whatever
Right to be wrong in the ‘vening
Right to left soon enough and Shine
Right to grow old still rock and roll

3rd verse

Ska, Dub, Indus, Jungle, Reggae

Am’I going nuts or is it it

the music will last forever

Ever reborn and through fusion


Then came the machines ‘and Rappers (go rapping)

Is there a pilot in the cockpit ?

I believe we still can fly

Accessing on Random Memories






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Alias Oli Walt Poi

références; my life, and List_of_music_styles



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